17 Sep 2012

Apple iPhone 5: Everything You Need to Know

And so here it is, the much anticipated new IPhone 5. The reviews such as the one featured here by Gizmodo seem pretty positive. All in all incremental improvements across the board including weight (it weighs less), camera (better and more features including panorama feature), battery (lasts longer), CPU (quicker / better). Good full review by Gizmodo. Have been informed by a friend in the know on mobile @stobbsc that there is an inaccuracy in their report RE it being the thinnest smartphone or LTE phone. The Motorola Driod Razor is 7.1mm

The new iPhone 5 is here. It's thinner and faster than ever, with a new form factor that uses a gorgeous panoramic screen with more resolutions and less consumption. It also surfs the web much faster, thanks to its new LTE capabilities. And, just as we knew, it has a new smaller dock connector called Lightning.
Overall, it seems they have incrementally improved every single aspect of the iPhone. It's not a revolutionary phone, but it is a very nice release.
The iPhone 5 looks exactly as the leaked images: an unibody aluminum body with a glass screen. "It's thinner than the previous generation: 18 percent thinner, which puts it at 0.29 inches (7.6 millimeter). They are claiming this is the world's thinnest smartphone. It's actually the world's thinnest LTE smartphone.

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