17 Sep 2012

Hello World by simuddell - Blog Post Number 1

Ok, well here I am in the blogosphere, so hello world.
Although I am very active on social media and regulary read loads of blog posts, I must admit I have not really ever taken to writing regular blog posts; until now.
This blog is going to simply be about all the many things I find interesting. Things that fascinate me, ideas worth sharing (to steal a phrase from TED), philosophy, general cool shiz, muso, food, art, films, books, ideologies, history, sport, marketing, psychology and well...anything and everything else that I find interesting!
This is a place where I am not going to fret about poor grammar. Let it roll of the tongue, let is be open and un-spoilt by overthinking and the constant threat of the grammar guardians lurking inside my cranium. This is a place where expression is free and opionions are unguarded. Most importantly let the blogging commence.
So on that note, hello world and please feel free to say hi back.

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