17 Sep 2012

How would you categorise your book reading habits?

I recently read a great article by theatlanticwire that I think we can all relate to - "What type of book reader are you?" 

There are numerous and humorous categories within the article:
The Hate Reader
- The Chronological Reader
- The Book-Buster
- Delayed Onset Reader #1
- Delayed Onset Reader #2
- The Bookophile
- The Anti-Reader
- The Cross-Under
- The Multi-Tasker
- The Sleepy Bedtime Reader

I think I am somewhere between the Bookbuster and The Hipster.
On one hand I read loads and fast, on the other I do tend to have a few books on the go and often get distracted by 'a new book'.
Good read. Click here for the full article.

Little teaser

"The New Yorker's Page-Turner blog includes a book-reader coinage that got us thinking about our own reading styles. There, Mark O'Connell confesses his dirty little reading secret: He doesn't finish books; he's a "promiscuous reader," a book abandoner. He writes, "I’ll start a book, get about halfway through it, and then, even if I’m enjoying it, put it down in favor of something else." But it's not the books, it's him. "I like reading too much. I can’t say no," he writes. "I’ll be reading a novel and thoroughly enjoying it. Then I’ll be in a bookshop and I’ll see something I’ve been anticipating, and I’ll buy it. I’ll start reading the new book on the bus home that evening, and that will be the end of the original affair. I’m certainly invested in the relationship with the book that I’m currently reading, but I can’t help myself from pursuing whatever new interest happens to turn my head. Perhaps that’s just a tortuous way of admitting to being a pathetic serial book-adulterer who’ll chase after anything in a dust jacket." He justifies his behavior in the end, as you'd expect of a "book cheater," by saying that maybe occasionally this is a good thing. When he finally meets the book whose fickleness meets his own, well, perhaps he's met his match."

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