17 Sep 2012

Lisa Kristine opens my ignorant mind to Modern Day Slavery

Firstly, I admit I have been watching a lot of TED talks recently! The sun has been shining and my 30 min walk to work has become my 'get inspired' time.
Until watching this TED talk by Lisa Kristine, I really knew very little about slavery, or the extent of its deadly reach. It's not just about the sex trade (which is terrible), but it exists in many countries across many verticals (Textiles, manufacturing, agriculture etc). Infact according to this talk there are over "27 MILLION enslaved souls". 
The talk says it all but all I will say is; slavery is real, it's worse than you could have imagined and there are very few people fighting for its cause.
Knowing about it is not even enough, we need to start acting to help these people and increase awareness about it as much as possible.

Full bio on Lisa Kristine

Free the Slaves is a world-wide movement which has the mission to 'liberate slaves around the world and change the systems that allow slavery to exist.

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