17 Sep 2012

Old Spice at it again! Old Spice Muscle Music

Old Spice at it again - I love the recent (last couple of years) Old Spice adverts. 
Funny, memorable, strong & consistent brand positioning, creative and most importantly hugely virally successful. 
Old Spice Muscle Music:
We see a return of Isaiah Mustafa the model turned actor who is now synonymous with recent Old Spice marketing campaigns creating music by flexing his muscles that are attached to sensors to instruments.
This is not so much an ad but another funny continuation of the Old Spice viral jugernaught that we have seen over recent years. 
It's funny, light-hearted and sort of out there, but hey-ho often being out there makes the biggest viral impression. 
Sometimes, you just like things for no other reason than it makes you giggle and on that basis, I like.

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