17 Sep 2012

Word Cloud taken from my blog post 'Digital Marketing & Social Media - My thoughts on todays landscape'

I thought it would be fun to put my first official blog post Digital Marketing & Social Media - My thoughts on todays landscape into a word cloud. 
And unsurprisingly 'people' was one of the main words.
If you haven't read the original post then below is an excerpt from it, which I hope gives this word cloud a bit more context. 
"The thing I love and continually excites me about digital is the accountability, the user centric focus, and the constant evolution and drive by the successful practioneers out there to deliver something that people want, in the way people want it, probably done best by people that understand people. This is a big shift from marketing from yonder years were there was a huge emphasis on the 'push' mentality. It must also be noted that there are many people using digital very badly..............It's my belief that digital marketing really lets you target, segment, monitor and engage with your audience far more effectively and cost efficiently than other forms of marketing. Focus on strategy, team skillsets and being prepared to test new things. Do marketing (anything) for outcome and not awards. Focus on people. "

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