3 Oct 2012

Digital Evolution in an Infographic

Remember the time when computers were the new (and expensive) fad, where mobile phones were as big as bricks, and where everyone was addicted to playing snake. Well, relatively speaking that time wasn't really that long ago! 

The pace at which technology is evolving is pretty astonishing and exciting - E.g nowadays the question isn't "do you have a camera on your phone", its "what mega-pixel is your camera on your phone".

We can all get caught up with the technology, but every now and again something comes along that lets us reminisce of the technologies we used in not so ancient yonder years, and I guess bedazzle ourselves at why oh why we were content with it! (The brick of a phone). I guess everything has to be looked at in context, what's new and great today may not be in ten years time. But like a good band, some do stand the length of time, and like a good wine mature (evolve) over time.

I came across the Infographic below on Digital Buzz that was originally created by Adverblog  that detailed the 'Evolution of Digital Advertising'. To be honest I think it is more about the platforms and key technologies/product launches as opposed to actual 'Digital Advertising', however is still a great infographic to look back at the evolution of the digital industry. Great reference material.

Do you remember when mobile phones were bricks and the first home computer came out? Reminisce in a comment below ;) .

1 comment:

  1. I totally didn't realise the www was born in 1995 and Google in 1997! I thought it was much earlier. Crikey!


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