11 Oct 2012

Surfing in a dress 'doitinadress' - The Dress, the pics and the results

So, as most of my friends know, about 50 of us dressed up in school dresses on Saturday 6th October and attempted to surf some pretty big swell in Bondi, all in the name of raising money for a good cause.

The cause:
To send girls/women to school in Sierra Leone so that an education will prevent them from bad things.

Well firstly, I really wanted to thank all of you that either came down and/or sponsored us. You made a really big difference. 
Special big hand to Greg for organising everything, and to Mr Patton, he didn't surf and STILL came down sporting a pretty awesome dress. \m/

$ Raised – lives changed:
Our small group have raised (so far) - $3,422. That is 14 girls to school for a year. That is amazing and actually life changing, so thank you people.
For those of you that don't know, the doitinadress campaign runs throughout October and so far $96,417 has been raised!! That is 401 girls in school for a year! There are loads of activities running every day of Oct. More info on 'Do it in a Dress'

Thanks Guys, small things lead to big changes.

Press: We made it into the Sydney Morning Herald and The Melboune Age today, which is great exposure for this cause. I know I have broad shoulders but seriously, bad cropping on their part for me!! Article here

Photos: Oh and I almost forgot...here are a few pics of us in a dress.
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If you haven't donated but want to then click here

Thanks again.

My previous blog post with more info about One Girl Charity and the #doitinadress movement click here

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