5 Oct 2012

Surfing in a Dress - #doitinadress

There are many great people out there in the wide wide world, doing great causes for other great people. The problem however, is often a lot of great people do not get much of a chance to be great, or even normal. Things that you and I may take for granted, things that we probably deem as normal, things as simple as an education are to many just a dream. Unfortunately not achieving this 'dream' can have devastating consequences. 

Well this is where OneGirl comes in and their fantastic annual campaign called 'Do it in a Dress'.

In their own words, this is what they do: 'At One Girl, we focus on empowering women and girls so that they can create and lead change in their communities. We believe that education and economic empowerment are vital when it comes to tackling the issues that women and girls face in Sierra Leone.

I think this is a great cause, managed by people who really care care, and do it in their own time for no other reason than they want to help great people be great.

So 'Do it in a Dress' or for me 'Surfing in a dress'.....

In Sierra Leone many young girls get sold into the sex trade because they do not have an education. OneGirl’s objective is to raise money to pay for these girls education to set them up for life, and not be sold into the sex trade.

So every year in October, One Girl encourages people to literally 'do it in a dress', that is something they would normally do, but in a dress. the funnier, weirder, more extreme, more spectator friendly 'thing' people do in  a dress, the more money can be raised through sponsorship, then the more girls can be saved from a life in the sex trade and instead get that 'normal' thing called education.

Tomorrow between 8:30 to 9:30am,  I along with about 50 people will be surfing 'in a dress' in Bondi.

In fact, this dress.....ouch

For every $240 we raise, it will send a girl to school - and I think that's pretty awesome.

Who benefits from #doitinadress?

Grab below taken from the Do it in a dress website

Check out ONEGIRL and the Do it in a Dress websites as much more info and media there, and also support through social media.

Twitter Hashtag - #doitinadress
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A great cause.

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