15 Nov 2012

36 Faces of Facebook Fans - which one are you?

I recently wrote an article Has too much social media turned you into a zombie that had a brilliant halloween themed infographic created by confused.com that compared social media users to types of zombies...(it was Halloween!!). Well, to continue the themed pigeonholing of social media users, or I should say, the known user types that are found on Facebook, I wanted to share this great and amusing slideshare presentation by Soap Creative that attempts to categorise the 1 billion+ Facebook users into 36 types of users.

From 'The Firsty', 'The Hater', 'The Expert', 'The Moral Highgrounder' to 'The Drawler', 'The Spammer', 'The Wannabe' and the 'Troll'; there is something for everyone.

Engaging, funny, true, and interesting. Enjoy.

36 Faces of Facebook Fans. The Good the Bad & the Ugly from Soap Creative

Which Facebook face are you and why?

Use Social Media a lot? - Is it turning you into a Zombie?! Amusing infographic here

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