1 Nov 2012

Has too much social media turned you into a Zombie?

Many of us (me included) spend a considerable time using social media. This is no bad thing, amongst other things it keeps you connected to friends and family, up-to-date with news you probably wouldn't have known about otherwise, and engaged with other like minded people.

But some of us can get (at times) a little obsessed with it, you know the person who can't seem to put their phone down when in a restaurant, or has to check it when in the cinema, or must tag someone on a night out. That person is normally me, and it annoys the hell out of friends! Again, not necessarily all bad, but sometimes we can perhaps get a little too 'addicted' to it, if addiction is the right word.

With Halloween in mind, Confused.com have put together a great, Halloween themed, slightly satirical infographic, comparing obsessive social media users to zombies.

Source: Uploaded by user via Si on Pinterest

Original article via Mashable

What type of social media zombie are you....?

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