12 Dec 2012

All you need to know about Twitters new image editing tools for IOS

With the recent saga going on between Instagram and Twitter it comes of no surprise to many of us that Twitter has finally released its suite of image filters for IOS devices.

Much the same as found on Instagram, when uploading an image, you are presented with a set of editing tools that allow you to edit and see the modified image before making it live to the world.

This is a short post about the Twitter image editing tools on offer.
Editing tools are: Magic Wand, nine filter/effects and a crop tool.

Twitter Magic Wand Effect

This tool essentially enhances the colours of the image. Subjective if you prefer it or not. On this screen you are able to horizontally scroll to see each of the filter effects in full screen, and also apply / unapply the magic wand effect.

Twitter Image Filter / Effects tool

Nine different image effect options available. Really like the helicopter display allowing you to see how your image looks with all the different effects applied. 

Twitter Image Crop Tool

Standard 'pinch-to-scale' tools here. Easy and affective.

What do you think of this new Twitter tool? Do you think it will migrate people from Instagram to Twitter for their image editing mastery?

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