23 Jan 2013

50 things you may not do anymore due to technology

It's amazing how quickly technology has evolved in the last 100 years, where routine tasks of the not-so-distant past have been replaced with automation, and where faster-quicker-better is the philosophy. Convenience, efficiency and effortless tasks for this generation replace a weekly chore for the older generation. Famous mathematician Vernor Vinge called this exponentially accelerating change, which basically means "accelerating progress leading to the emergence of more and more sophisticated technologies separated by shorter and shorter time intervals, until a point beyond human comprehension is reached. "

Whilst I am outrageously dependent on technology and all for convenience and removing the laborious tasks from my life, I can't help but feel slightly melancholy when looking down at the infographic below by Mozy. From video tape, to making mix cassettes, to written letters, and using the public phone box. Perhaps we are, at times, too reliant and focused on technology. Did life used to be simpler and seem more personal? Are we a lot more productive and connected now? It's probably a bit of both.

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