20 Mar 2013

Old Spice 'Wolfdog' - Great creative once again

There are ads you love, ads you hate, and ads you just couldn't give a monkeys about.

For me, the last few Old Spice digital campaigns are brilliant, they press all the right buttons of an effective marketing campaign in terms of:
  • Grabbing my attention
  • Being creative
  • Being memorable
  • Making me laugh
  • Making me want to share it with friends
  • Positioning the brand in a fun way to me, the target audience
  • Reach
  • They are digital....which I love
I don't know the sales results attributed to the specific ads, but if reach, engagement, virality, and brand/product awareness is anything to go by, I would say they have done pretty well!

With my admiration of their recent campaigns, I was pleased to see their new 'Wolfdog' creative. So, if you fancy a chuckle, a few of them are below.

Great creative work.

And here is the classic 'A Man Your Man Could Smell Like' with over 100 million views on YouTube for the entire campaign.

One of the many follow ups of this campaign:

Old Spice official YouTube page

What do you think of Old Spice's new campaign 'Wolfdog' ?

What other campaigns have you liked, and why?

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