21 Mar 2013

Pinterest - Putting the IN in PIN

Since it's launch in 2009 Pinterest has experienced explosive growth. Some reports claim that active users on Pinterest in the US has caught up with Twitter, with 15% of adult internet users on each respective network. (Source - Tech Crunch).


The point is Pinterest continues to grow in terms of active users, functionality, and now its growing up by introducing its own analytics platform to capture the ROI crowd. Exciting times for Pinterest and marketers.

Below are a couple of inforgraphics that may of interest to new and old Pinterest users, which detail what it is (for those of you that don't know), the recent design and functionality updates, how people interact on Pinterest, and also Pinterest tools and other blog articles I have found useful.

Check Pinterest out, I believe there are a lot of marketing opportunities for brands and people using this platform. Don't be discouraged by the female majority demographic; the base continues to grow, evolve and attract new types of users. It's what you do with the platforms and how you market what you do that will attract people.

Let's start at the beginning...What is Pinterest?

Pinterest - Design & Functionality changes 

Pinterest has made some recent design and functionality changes, they are explained in the infographic below.

Source: mashable.com via Si on Pinterest

How Users Interact on Pinterest

Pinterest Google Chrome extension:

Really handy tool that lets you pin images from a website straight into your boards.

Useful links for more information on Pinterest

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