7 Mar 2013

The Evolution of the Music Industry in a few Infographics

Music is everything to me, and also to a lot of people in the world. I work with it on, I exercise with it on, I chill with it on, I write and perform it with my friends whenever I can, and I go to gigs and festivals. The point is, music is big business with huge demand, and as an avid music fan, I want to listen to as much of it as I can, whilst also financially benefiting the artist themselves.

Over recent years, there has been a HUGE paradigm shift to the way we initially get music, listen to it, and then share with our friends, and this is exciting for a music lover. The key culprit for this is.........Digital.

From the medium, storage, and distribution of music to the huge and influential role that social media now plays in the music industry, below are a few interesting music related infographics. The common and completely unsurprising theme in all of them is how the rise digital has completely and utterly changed the music industry, from a commercial and consumer consumption perspective.

On a side note....as much as I love digital and all the opportunities it has given, I still argue that nothing beats the sound of vinyl, may we never lose this!

The Evolution of Song Storage

Source: Uploaded by user via Si on Pinterest

Evolution of the Online Music Industry Infographic

This infographic only goes up to 2011 but it's still very interesting. It would be very interesting to see the data for the last couple of years with the huge rise in cloud music services such as Spotify and Pandora.
Source: Uploaded by user via Si on Pinterest

Evolution of Portable Music Devices

Source: Uploaded by user via Si on Pinterest

Spotify vs Pandora Infographic

Two big players in the market, which one is better....?
In terms of worldwide distribution and number of available songs, Spotify wins by a mile.

Source: mashable.com via Si on Pinterest

Evolution of Cloud Music

One more music related infographic that I just find interesting as a music lover.

The Rise of the Rock Festival Inforgaphic

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