1 Apr 2013

Email & Newsletter Design Best Practice Infographic

Like Woody and Buzzlight in Toy Story, there are times were old and new can happily co-exist, especially in the marketing world.

Despite the rapid rise of Social Media, email remains a very effective marketing medium; caveat if done correctly, and should remain a handy weapon in every marketers arsenal alongside its counterparts.

Below is an email design best practice infographic.

The bad news:

There are far too many brands that are doing poor email marketing campaigns and not yielding the best results.

There are definitely a few reasons for this:
  • Clients: Demanding too much content to be in the email and being too prescriptive about the look and feel.
  • Agencies - Design & Optimisation: Agency designers simply do not have the digital knowhow, and do not know email best practice. This results in emails being designed and signed off client side that look may look great but are are not optimised for all major email clients, and not really optimised for mobile.
  • Time, Strategy & Insights: Email campaigns are often rushed, deadlines were yesterday, and past email insights like best day of the week to send, best performing subject line etc are not properly utilised.

The good news:

All of the above is easily fixable. Below is an email best practice guide created by email monks that is a useful 'go-to' reference tool. No excuses to send out poor emails any more.

Source: socialtimes.com via Si on Pinterest

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