9 Aug 2013

Beardyman: A creative fix

I thought I would write this short blog post to share a creative talent that I love.

I admire pioneers, and I love creativity, and when fused together you something quite unique and inspiring. The short TED Talk below is by an English guy called Beardyman. I have been following his career for a long time now, from his early years of establishing himself at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to the recent TED Talk below. To brand him as 'just another beat boxer' would be a huge dis-service to his amazing creative talents.

Beardyman is a fusion of beatboxing, sampling, multi-tracking, sound creation and manipulation, and his constant tenacity to try and imitate sounds that are seemingly impossible for the human voice make him the talent that he is.

The amount of patience, skill, rhythm and mastery required to do what Beardyman does coupled with his unique and charismatic stage persona are impressive. For me, creativity and laughter is such an important element to both my work and personal life that it is important to keep feeding my mind with useful stimulus like this.

So, watch, admire, and enjoy.

Before the TED Talk

Here is a really funny sketch from a few years ago. Well worth a watch to give you a taster into Beardyman's amazing talents where he playfully describes the ingredients to a recipe using various sounds.

TED Talk: The Polyphonic Me

What is your creative fix?
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