5 Sep 2013

A brief history of Marketing in an infographic

"Marketing started with the first human beings. Using the first Bible story as an example, we see Eve convincing Adam to eat the forbidden apple. But Eve was not the first marketer. It was the snake that convinced her to market to Adam."

The point being made in the excerpt from Kotler Marketing is that Marketing, in one form or another, has been around for a very long time. For as long as people have had something to trade or sell with one another, they have used a medium of marketing to persuade, manipulate, and influence people to choose their product over that of another.

From the birth of printed newspapers and advertising in the 15th century, to the tactics, intelligence, big data complexities, and creativity utilised in some modern day advertising. Marketing mediums and practice has changed dramatically and evolved astronomically over the years.

The history of modern marketing makes for an interesting read, and as with any evolutionary lineage gives you a nice understanding of how we got to the now, and who was involved. From the key dates, to the companies and people involved, the infographic below created by Hubspot provides an interesting top level history of marketing.

History of Marketing Infographic

History of Marketing Infographic
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