23 Jan 2014

SUPER China, Amazon the Predictor, & 10 Useful Marketing Lists

The post delves into and discusses two interesting marketing articles that I have recently read that are definitely food for thought, and also one really useful digital marketing resource.

  • Amazon: There is the potential Ecommerce delivery game changer waiting to happen with Amazon patenting technology that will guess and deliver products before the sale even occurs. 
  • China: It has become apparent that the Chinese online-digital market is, well huge. With the incredible online-digital user numbers, connectivity, innovation, increase in disposable income, rise in educated graduates, and digital trends occurring in the mahoosive Chinese marketplace; this is a game-industry changer that most of us aren't even aware of; and we should be. 
  • Resource: 10 useful digital marketing lists. 

Amazon - Anticipatory Shopping

Recently reported in Mashable, the ecommerce giant has made an interesting, bold, and innovative patent that if successfully executed will bring the product delivery experience that little bit closer to an in-store experience. I.E Get the product delivered even faster than the current two day SLA promise Amazon currently operates at.

What is 'Anticipatory Shopping'?

It's a newly patented algorithm-based system that will try to predict sales trends by geographical location, before the sales actually occur - "The patent summary describes a method for shipping a package of one or more items "to the destination geographical area without completely specifying the delivery address at time of shipment," with the final destination defined en route."Source - Mashable

What does it mean for online retailers?

Quite a lot actually. Predicting customers' orders could:
  • Increase sales and profit.
  • Reduce shipping, inventory and supply chain costs.
  • Speed up the delivery process from two days to hours, which may have a positive affect on new customers, and will get more people across the line to 'buy now'.
  • Further drive customer loyalty through improved customer service and satisfaction, which then leads to repeat business, and WOM.

China - SUPERpower; SUPER Digital Properties

I recently read an article on the Business Insider Australia website and as per the headline of the article (This Google Exec Quit To Work In China - He's Been Blown Away By What He Found) was pretty blown away by what I read. The article is well worth a read.

Summary of the article - China has: 

  • Income - An ever increasing disposable income that has tripled in the last eight years
  • Educated - Over 8 million new college graduates per year (More than the US)
  • Connectivity - 600 million internet users - 50% growth in three years (almost twice the size of the entire population of the US!)
  • Active Users - Huge Monthly Active User (MAU) numbers on internet sites such as QZone (600 million), QQ (500 million), and WeChat (271 million).
  • Ecommerce - Taobao is an online shopping site that dwarfs anything we have in the western world. It is twice as big as eBay and Amazon combined.
  • Online Delivery / Customer experience - Ecommerce site JD (formerly 360Buy), already does three hour delivery of its products, and even has an app to track the delivery guy.
  • Apps - Socialising / Dating app MoMo has 100 million users, micro messaging app WeChat has 271 million active users and is used to run and share your entire social life; phone, text messaging, email, and even photos, Weibo is a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook but has about 500 million active users.
I think 'The West' as a collective often falsely thinks that it has the biggest, best, and most innovative marketing properties and technology platforms; all with the largest user bases.


  • Obvious and huge language and cultural differences
  • 'The West' reads Western produced news and marketing publications that nearly always focuses on Western Marketing, Products and Platforms. 
  • The West is much more of an open, diverse and connected market place, China is much more insular - I mean there are 1.4 billion people residing in China, Chinese companies don't necessarily need to branch out abroad.

How big is China?

Let's put everything into context. China consists of 1.4 billion people - and that is the legal audited number, so it's fair to assume that the actual population is substantially higher. To equal the legal population of China you would need to add up the total population of the following; The US (320 million), all of South America (406 million), and all of Europe (742 million). That, is what is known as 'a load of people'!

We hear a lot about the West's marketing, products, innovation, and technology because they exist very much in an open market place, that spans multiple countries, and are used and marketed by multinational countries operating throughout the Western World. We should open up our eyes a little bit and take a look at what is going on in the Chinese marketplace; not only is it actually quite incredible, there are many learnings, trends, technologies, and opportunities to be found there.

Top 10 of The Top 10 Lists in Digital & Marketing

Social Media Today recently did a great reference post collating some useful and resourceful articles from multiple and credible sources. A good URL to bookmark. Read their article 'Top 10, Top 10 Lists in Digital & Marketing' that explains the sources of the links below.
  1. Top 10 Social Media Marketing Posts: This Year in Social Media
  2. Top 10 Social Media Marketing Columns For 2013
  3. Top 10 social media analytics tools
  4. Top 10 Viral Videos
  5. The Top 10 Corporate Social Media Disasters
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  8. Top 10 Point Checklist to Help You Grow Your Blog
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  10. Top 10 Quick tips to blow the lid off your potential in 2013
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