5 Ways to kill your dreams

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It’s late in the evening time and you can barely contain your enthusiasm. After spending several frantic minutes trying to find a pen around the house, you give up on the pen, open up notes on your phone and brain spew your newest and best business idea yet. You are so pumped with this idea in particular that you don’t even know where to start with it. You start thinking about a business name, channels to market, distribution network, and then (insert drum roll and a few days or weeks) nothing.

Maybe something did happen, maybe you actually took the idea, developed the idea, sounded it out with close friends and colleagues, and now you have something that YOU have made work. But then maybe, something else happened – that something was actually nothing.

OR, maybe you dream about going travelling and seeing the world,  or changing career, or swimming the english channel, or speaking fluently to someone in a language that is not your mother tongue. Unfortunately, like the inevitable outcome of a candle desperately fighting to keep alight despite the strong wind that blows it from side to side, the idea, your dream was always up against it, for some, failure is simply inevitable.

how to make your dreams happen


Sadly, like the image on the left, there seems to be big correlation between our dreams and projects that never happened.

Sound familiar? I know it rings true for me at times

But it doesn’t need to be that way..

Below is a fantastic and short (6mins) TED Talk by Brazilian entrepreneur and TED fellow Bel Pesce that sets out the 5 ways to kill your dreams. Now after reading the above introduction to this post, you are probably asking yourself “I don’t think we need any help at killing off our dreams”. But that’s just it, most of us are actually fairly oblivious as to the WHY we fail. Like any great sportsperson who strives for excellence, you have to go beyond just understanding what your weaknesses are, you have to use the weaknesses as a base to act upon to improve.

5 Ways to kill your dreams

Entrepreneur Bel Pesce breaks down the 5 easy to believe myths that conventional thinking would dictate are the reasons why so many dreams fail.

These are:

  • #1 – Believe in over night success > There’s always a story behind success and success really is a result of preparation (often stacks of it) meeting opportunity – and a lot of hard work.
  • #2 – Believe someone else has the answers for you > Seek help yes but take lead and choose the path that you feel is right. Getting things wrong is part of the journey and only makes you stronger and better.
  • #3 – Believe that when growth is guaranteed you should settle down > Don’t get complacent, aim even higher and find an even bigger peak as that’s the opportunity. Don’t settle for good, settle for great.
  • #4 – Believe the fault is someone else’s > It’s not. Don’t blame others, you are in charge of your destiny, the buck lies with you.
  • #5 – Believe that the only things that matter are the dreams themselves > Of course there is gratification at achieving a goal – like the view at the top after climbing a mountain – but a dream is much more than a short single minded moment in time. It’s the experiences and learns on the journey. Consider both when analysing success and don’t be blinded simply just by the dream. You get one life and experience is everything.

Dreams are essential, they drive us to have new experiences, acquire new talents and skills, meet new people, and ultimately live a more fulfilling life. Don’t succumb to the 5 common myths. Believe that success takes time, trust in yourself and be cool with the fact that the trip up or bump of your head on the way makes you stronger and better, don’t get complacent when you start to see the first signs of success – jump on it as your biggest opportunity yet, take responsibility and don’t blame others or environmental factors, and ultimately appreciate the experiences you have along the way, as it’s likely that they will be more fulfilling than the end goal itself.

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