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girl effect

Every now and again in marketing, well in life, I come across something that really grabs my interest. With the ever growing number of marketing messages all constantly trying to win my attention from every digital device I own, every street I walk down, every radio station I listen to, and every shop, tv show, and film I give my eyes more than one second to look at – it’s impressive when something really grabs your attention and has a profound effect.

The short animation below truly did just that and the funny thing is that the animation below was actually created five years ago! Working in digital you constantly hear about how ‘x’ is disrupting such and such vertical, and how video is ‘x’% more engaging than every other medium ever invented. Sure it totally can be but often in marketing like in every other avenue in life, stats are often based upon averages. And averages are often distorted by extremes, so much so that data casts its superhero sized shadow over creativity and the non tangible emotive takeaways that content can often (but rarely does) leave us with.

The Girl Effect: The Clock is Ticking

This powerful animation below is about leveraging the unique potential of adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves, their families, their communities, their countries and the world. Check out the Girl effect

Five tips for making video engaging

I want to share my five key takeaways as to why this animation really hit the spot, and key factors that should be considered in any brand content production.

  • #1 – Keep it Simple. Love them or hate them, The Beatles songs are simple but look where it got them. Like the words of Don Draper “Make it simple but significant”. Simple can mean easy to understand, and in marketing where the ‘don’t make me think’ philosophy has never been more important, fast consumer understanding is the difference between engaged or lost.
  • #2 – Be Creative – Be creative in your approach and don’t  be a slave to data and let it dictate your approach. Data gives you insights, creativity gives you new ideas that can sit outside of existing insights and considerations. Both can work together but creativity can also work outside of data.
  • #3 – Have a strong narrative – When we were young we liked stories, when we are older we like stories – notice a theme here! A good story can get us hooked with our full attention, it also helps us remember the key messages and take-aways with ease.
  • #4 – Be emotive. Many brands only feature bash, this works if someone is making a decision based upon rational and logical factors but as humans we rarely do. Evoke emotion (in your story) and you are on your way to driving engagement.
  • #5 – Empower the supplier As a client it’s often to easy to prescriptively brief the supplier. Having been on the supplier side with a finite amount of hours quoted, this is the best methodology to curb creativity. Don’t get me wrong, suppliers (particularly creatives) can go off on a tangent but if you want something that is different, impactful, powerful and attention grabbing then you need to do whatever you can to flourish creativity. Write a top level brief that talks about the purpose of the content, how you want the viewer to feel / to do / to imagine, as opposed to trying to story-board it yourself.

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