Leverage your influence & #showyoursupport for life-changing breast cancer research this October

showyoursupportBreast cancer is a cause that, for the worst of reasons, is unfortunately close to my heart and one that I am incredibly passionate about. I head up digital for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and naturally I want others to get involved as much as possible with any campaign that we have but I also wanted to put a little more context to our Show Your Support social campaign that launched today (and hopefully get you involved with it!)

The facts:

Over the last 20 years, breast cancer survival rates have come a long way – and that is largely due to some incredible research developments. (On a side note, I highly recommend you take time out to read this article about two sisters who were diagnosed with the same form of breast cancer years apart. Fortunately for one of the sisters the advance in research dramatically changed the outcome for her).

For all the amazing advancements, there is still so much more work in breast cancer research to be done as:

  • 1 in 8 Aussie women will get diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, that works out at approx 42 women everyday in Australia!
  • 7 women die everyday from breast cancer in Australia – That’s over 2,500 women each year
  • 1 in 688 men get diagnosed with breast cancer too

Unfortunately it is highly likely that we all know at least one person that has been affected by it.

Being 100% community funded, the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) core purpose is to fund breast cancer research so that the stats above (and more importantly the lives that are affected by it) change for the positive. Getting $0 from the government, the NBCF rely completely on money raised from fundraisers, public donations, and corporate partners.

So what’s the crack with #showyoursupport?

October is breast cancer awareness month and there are many ways that people can ‘Show their Support’ for it, from making a donation, hosting or taking part in a fundraising event, volunteering time and resource, to simply helping spread awareness about the facts around breast cancer and the role that research plays.

One of our campaigns this October is called #showyoursupport and is essentially an ask for people to take a simple selfie of themselves with a pink item (pink bra strap / pink braces) and post onto their social channels along with one of our key messages and a link to donate.

There are three key objectives of the campaign:

  1. To raise awareness of the vital life-changing role that research plays
  2. To help people find ways that they can show their support for breast cancer this October
  3. For people to show their support for friends and family who have or are affected by breast cancer

Get Involved:
I very much want to live in a world where breast cancer is just an irritation, not a cause of death and I firmly believe that research is the vehicle to achieve that.

Please help us raise awareness in breast cancer awareness month by showing your support this October – it will take you all of 2 minutes. We all have influence within our social and work circles and your influence may just help NBCF raise more money to help fund vital life-changing breast cancer research.

Instructions below.

For more information about The National Breast Cancer Foundation, please go to our website www.nbcf.org.au

Thank you.

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