Levi & Google taking wearable technology to another level

Project Jacquard

Wearable Technology

Over the last few years the phrases ‘the internet of things’ and ‘the internet of everything’ are becoming ever more common place both in the marketers ever expanding library of latest buzz words to sound intelligent and in-touch, to the reality behind the phrase that technology, household appliances, wearables and the internet are converging; rapidly.

Wearable technologies have seen rapid growth over the last few years – from the better known examples such as Google Glass, smart watches, and the huge array of fitness tracking products like FitBit to the more conceptual ideas of strap-on working kidneys, phone-charging shirts, to fashion hip holographic finger nails.

The point is it’s a very exciting time for wearable technology – technology can barely keep up with innovations demands and user demand doesn’t even know what it wants yet as it’s still stuck being wooed at first base with smart watches and cyborg looking glasses.

And then along came a very exciting wearable technology project, Project Jacquard.

What is Project Jacquard!

In a nutshell, Google and Levi have teamed up to take wearable technology to another level by creating interactive clothing. Project Jacquard is an experimental program within Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects unit that essentially has developed conductive yarn. This has the potential to transform clothing, any clothing into an interactive surface. The very fact that Levi has partnered with innovation guru’s Google is an indication of their intentions to drive this type of wearable technology innovation to the mass market.

Have a watch of the short video below to find out more.

Exciting time – Blue Skies.

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