Why Google wants your website to be responsive (Infographic)

why responsive design is essential for seo

The term ‘always on’ is another one of the many buzz words that has been making the rounds in the marketing scene for the last few years, however to all extent and purposes it just means ‘digital’ and digital content is served over many different devices. In terms of content being seen on mobile devices you only need to be on a bus or train at rush hour (or any hour for that matter) to witness the huge mobile audience getting their daily web fix as their eyes remain glued to their smartphones. Quantified by many major websites now seeing 40, 50, even 60% of their web traffic coming from mobile devices, where smart website owners once needed to optimise their sites for multiple devices to maximise the user experience, they now have to because the boss ‘Google’ has told the to.

Google often makes changes to its algorithm which affect how it ranks sites for specific keywords or phrases in the search rankings. Sometimes those changes are pretty incremental and sometimes they can be huge.

Well, in light of the ‘always on’ and ‘mobile first’ strategies that have been successfully pursued by many of the thought leaders in the digital space, Google recently made a huge change to its algorithm and this change could be a game changer.

Hailed as mobilegeddon, Google will now start looking at mobile friendly factors as a basis for ranking in mobile search engine results.

Below is an infographic by CJG which summarises the new changes to Google’s algorithm.

So if you website is not optimised for mobile, I suggest you get your skates on as the digital world quickly turns into a world where mobile comes first.

Mobilegeddon Infographic

why you should make your website responsive

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